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Best Android Training in Noida & Android Traiing Institute in Noida

Xtrude Engineers provides Best Android Training in Noida You will be taught XML intended for front-end growth and Kotlin language for back-end development. This app will work seamlessly with different Android devices.
The online Android app developmenttraining is a training program. As part of the training, you will learn how to create an android app by making your own android music player with feature like shake to change, visualize, mark as favorite, etc.

Why Xtrude For Android Training in Noida?

  • You get abreak to work on live projects.
  • More attention on practical labs in its place of theoretical sessions.
  • Less number of students in a lot.
  • supple timing
  • We provide job assistance.

This training program is created by Xtrude team of experts who have built Xtrude website, Android app and this awesome training platform.

Course Syllabus For Android Training in Noida

    Module: 1

    ArrayList, SetGet Class, Android Fundamental & Overview, Android Architecture, Android Project Structure, Create New project & Import project, DVM, Android Activity, Activity Life Cycle, Emulator, Android Development Environment, .apk and .dex file,

    Module: 2

    View, Different types of View, Text View, Edit Text, Button, Android Toast, Android Image View, ScrollView, Android Radio Button Android Check Box, Intent, Value passing.

    Task: Creating simple Calculator.

    Module: 3

    Layout, Android Linear Layout & Relative Layout, Adapter(Base and Array), Android Layout inflates, Android List-view ,Android Grid-view, Android Spinner.

    Task: Show Names and Mobile number along with image.

    Module: 4

    Alert Dialog, Creating custom Dialog Layout, WebView, Internet connection check.

    Task: Show Dialog if Internet in not connected.

    Module: 5

    DATABASE (Internal: sqlite datadase) CRUD Operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete)

    Module: 6

    Android Database handle, Android File handling. (Read, Write & delete) Android JSON Parsing.

    Task: Create a Registration and Login with local Database.

    Module: 7

    Android Notification, Android background service, Google Maps.

    Android App Development

    In this section, the students will do a project work on Android. They will develop an Android app for real life use. Students can even come up with their ideas to develop the app.

Course Information For Android Training in Noida

  • Class Start: Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Course Duration: 60 hours(40 hours for Software Training & 20 hours for Project Handling)
  • Student Capacity: 8-12 students per batch
  • Certification: For Software Training(1) & For Project Handling(1)
  • Course Benefits Include:
    • Industrial Visit
    • Tool Kit
    • Lifelong Support
    • Placement Guaranteed
    • Project Handling
    • Resume Writing
    • Moneyback Guaranteed

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